Garth Holiday Park installed their electric car charging point in the summer of 2021 and haven’t looked back. The first question the park asked was how much electricity did they have coming in to the park and how much was likely to be used up in a charging point. If the answer was going to be unfavourable, they knew it would likely rule it out for them.

Fortunately, the supply made it a viable venture and so began the back and forth with their local electrician about finding a system supplier that would make things work on the payment side. They finally had some luck after a meeting with City Electrical Factors (CEF), who came to the area to talk to a number of parks who were interested in the technology.

The system was simple enough that it meant all customers needed to do was scan a QR code, download the app and input their details. Once done, the car begins to charge and customers are notified when it has finished through a notification via the app.

One other factor that the business’s MD Ed Rhodes found helpful when deciding on where to install the charging point was, due to the cost of cabling, the closer it was to the fuse box the more affordable it was to install!

The charger was officially unveiled by Senedd Member for Montgomeryshire, Russell George and county MP, Craig Williams. They were welcomed to the park in August by Ed Rhodes, who said that increasing numbers of his customers were getting ready to ditch diesel and petrol for electricity.

‘The only thing holding many back is the availability of somewhere to charge their cars when they come to visit their holiday caravans on the park. So we decided to take the plunge and invest in what I believe will be the first-ever charging point for electric cars on a holiday park in this area. I hope it will help increase even further the appeal of Powys as a holiday destination and boost the benefits which tourism brings to all types of businesses,’ Ed said.

‘We were delighted that our local MP and MS were able to take time out to visit Garth Holiday Park and to help us get our new facility on the road. I know that both recognise the importance of encouraging more drivers to make the switch, not least in rural areas such as this where chargers are not yet widely available. But we’re not keeping it to ourselves, and are also very happy for local owners of electric cars to come and plug in at any time if they wish,’ added Ed.

The park’s high-speed charger can add about 90 miles to a car’s range in around an hour – and joins the 100 solar panels helping to minimise the park’s carbon footprint.

‘The system itself is quite easy to use and the owners and their families who have used it have all said it is brilliant. We’ve had no negative feedback,’ said Ed. Though the income from the use has been low thus far compared to the initial outlay in investment, it has made things better in other ways and was installed more as a convenience measure than a moneymaking venture.

Previously, the park had issues with owners attempting to charge their vehicles through the windows of their caravans, which was a health and safety concern. Now those concerns have been eased, with cars regularly spotted using the charging point most weekends. Ed usually advises owners and customers to charge their vehicles during the day, as the solar energy helps to boost the supply and gives a faster charge.

The one key benefit of this system is that the charger is programmed to make sure that the park’s energy needs are met first and foremost. If multiple owners are boiling a kettle at the same time they will still enjoy a perfect