Grandma’s Garden encompasses nine acres of mature grounds and new planting, the garden is virtually a miniature nature reserve, which has received the David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation, it was officially opened by him in 2004. The garden also received a Special Award of Distinction in 2009.

Walk the yellow brick road and meet at the rainbow The garden includes seven small gardens, each one designed to stimulate and delight the senses: a Sight and Light garden, which is particularly enchanting to visitors with hearing impairment; a garden of Sound, Scent and Touch, a sensory joy, especially appealing to those with sight impairment; Mother Nature’s Magic Garden, focussing on edible plants and healing herbs; a Children’s Enchanted Garden with plenty to stimulate young imaginations; a Garden of Other Realms encouraging an exploration of the great literature; a Celtic symbol of infinity; and Humanity’s Destiny Garden envisaging the unity of man. Each small garden has a poem to foster reflection of the human condition. The gardens have been specifically designed for those with lesser abilities. The main paths are hard topped making them particularly suitable for wheelchair users or those with sight impairment.

You  can  become a Friend of Grandma’s Garden by donating £25.00 for a year’s subscription. This will entitle you to admission to the gardens for your family at any time during that year.

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