You may all be aware that ‘Grandma’s Garden’; is across the river at Plas Dolguog Hotel. It was lovingly created by my mother Diana Rhodes (Grandma), more than fifteen years ago.

This was to provide a place of peace, tranquillity and beauty, where people can contemplate the relations between human beings, the environment and our links to each other. Regardless of the difference in ability, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Since the death of my mother in 2015, a committee has been created to ensure that the Garden is maintained as the founder intended as a non-profit- making enterprise. Surplus donations from the admittance charge/donation go to local and national worthy causes.

You can become a Friend of Grandms’s Garden by donating £25.00 for a year’s subscription. This will entitle you to admission to the gardens for your family at any time during that year.

This is such a lovely, peaceful and beautiful place to visit, walk the dog (on a lead remembering to pick up after them) and admire the spectacular view across the Dovey Valley.

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