As already advised, we plan to open on the 11th July, at 12 noon. Please do not arrive beforehand as you will not have access.

At present, we have been advised there will be numerous Guidelines we have to adhere to, not only to allow us to re-open but also to operate the business moving forward. These Guidelines are not only for us as a business and Park Owner to follow, but also our customers and our Van / Cabin Owners.
Please bear in mind, the Welsh Assembly / Local Authority may change or revise these Guidelines at any time before or after 9th, so we may need to change any element of them.
Changes will be communicated to you all, via email, phone and /or post. We would also update our Garth Facebook page ‘ Garth Holiday Park’ and this page to advise of any changes.

1.If you have symptoms

Please do not travel to your Holiday Caravan / Cabin if you or anyone in your household have COVID-19 symptoms.

2. Let us know that your coming

You as the ‘caravan/cabin owner’ MUST let us know of your intent to visit your caravan/cabin.
Please complete this online Covid 19 Visitor Notification form BEFORE YOU ARRIVE at the park.

The information we are required to collect includes:

  • Who is coming (full names and contact numbers)
  • What day / approx time you will  arrive
  • When you intend to leave and approx time.

This is for the Welsh Assembly Track and Trace system. This information may have to be given to the Police, Powys CC or whichever governing body requests it.
If this current Guidance changes, we will update you all. However, we MUST have this information for everyone and every visit to your van/cabin. Anyone turning up and not adhering to this policy will be asked to provide immediately or leave the Park.

3. Barrier

There will be a barrier at the entrance to the Park, with park information Re: COVID -19 restrictions for all contractors and visitors etc.
If you arrange any Shopping delivery service, please arrange to meet them at the entrance to the site.

4. Keep your distance

You will all need to keep a 2-meter distance from anyone else on Park, (This distance is subject to change)

5. No group social activities

Do not arrange any social / group activities on Park and avoid meeting up with other owners at this time or entering vans/cabins belonging to them. Please ensure you maintain the 2-metre rule at all times.
If the need arises and you enter another owners unit with their permission, maintain the safety procedures under the Welsh Assembly Guidelines.

6. Avoid visitors

Please, try to avoid visitors from coming to see you whilst on Park. Should this be unavoidable, please follow points 1 and 2. keep it to a minimum and ensure they follow the Parks COVID – 19 procedures.

7. Don’t enter the office

If you come to the office, DO NOT ENTER. Only 1 person should approach. Please ring the bell and wait outside until answered. If no-one is available at the Office, please ring Ed on 07747 824951.

8. If you show symptoms whilst on site

Whilst on-site, if anyone has any Covid-19  symptoms

  1. Ring 111
  2. Return home self-isolate for 14 days.
  3. Other members of the household must also self-isolate for 14 days and not return to the park

9. DO NOT ENTER the Workshop / Yard area at any time.

If you approach a member of staff, please remain 2 meters apart at all times.

10. Payments

We would request that where possible any payments should be made via BACS to our usual Bank Account. However, should this not be possible, the Card Machine is available for payments at the office.
Please do NOT enter to make the transaction, the card machine will be at the door, but please remember the 2mtr rule. The machine will be sanitised prior to your use and after. We will also accept cash if no other method of payment is appropriate for you, but would prefer this to be the last option.

11. Disposing of rubbish / recycling.

Please ensure you correctly recycle your rubbish separating glass/ plastic, metal, paper into the appropriate bins provided.
We do not want staff members to have to start sorting through waste in the general bins and pull out all the recyclable materials.
Please use hand sanitizer provided at the Refuse Area, after disposal of  rubbish.
Please ensure you wash your hands back at your van/cabin after returning from the Refuse area.

12. BBQ Cancelled

Sorry to say but under COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be able to have our summer BBQ, this year.

13. Follow the guideline out and about

Please ensure when making journeys into our local town or any holiday attraction/area, that you maintain the Guidelines as set out by the Welsh Assembly at all times.
We have a duty to our Local Community to ensure we do not transport Covid-19 into their environment. Local Residents are going to be naturally concerned about any influx of visitors from outside the area and what danger it may pose to their community.
Here at Garth, we are part of this community and want to ensure we are avoiding giving Local Residents any cause for concern.

Things you can do to alleviate this possible worry.

  1. Bring as much food, drink etc as you can. The local shops are running one in and one out systems so will be busy.
  2. Try and stay on the Park in your holiday home, do not put more pressure on the local facilities.
  3. Travel as little as you must around the local area.
  4. If you are meeting up with another van owner outside and keeping the current 2mtr rule, please also respect the privacy of other Owners around you who have also come for a much needed restful holiday.
  5. We have been advised there may be unannounced checks/visits to the Park, either by Powys CC Licensing or our Local Police to ensure we, as Park Owners and our Customers are following the Welsh Assembly Guidelines.  We ALL have to keep to these Guidelines.

We have been advised, if we are found to be in breach, we could be closed with immediate effect. So, the actions of 1 or 2 owners could have an impact on everybody.