Hi all

Well we are nearly at the end of 2015/2016 Season, how quick was that !

Looking Back
Both the Easter Egg Competition and BBQ were successful, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Quite a few ‘new owners’ – welcome to you all and look forward to seeing you on site.
Finally organised the ‘Tree Felling’ that needed to be done, following quite a few owners needing trees cut or topped due dangerous or over hanging branches, too high or damaged.
We have to manage this as best we can, still trying to consider how the park looks and trying to keep as many trees as we can. Ultimately, we have to consider how ‘safe’ the tree is, if some of you have been around on our ‘storm’ or extremely windy days, you will know just how dangerous the larger trees coming down could be.
We have purchased some replacement trees, native to the area and have also replaced some old conifer hedging with native hedging, with the owners knowledge / request.

Got through a lot this year on the Park, quite a few new vans as well, as we stand we only have 2 empty Plots.


Looking Forward
You may have noticed we are trying to re-develop where needed, widening the road where we can to help with parking and passing.
Developing the empty plots ready to site new / second-hand vans.
Easter Egg Competition – Easter Sunday – start thinking about your designs !!
This will take place at the Hotel again this year so it’s all undercover just in case we get bad weather.
We will send out more details in due course.
BBQ later in the year, where would you prefer to attend, here at the site or over at the hotel as last year ?

Gas: you can now order your Gas via this site, See top of  ‘Homepage’, just follow the instructions.


Finally, if anyone has any specific ideas for the Park, let us know, it may be something we can look at.