Servicing is carried out by qualified technicians, approved by major caravan insurers, designed to keep your central heating, boilers and gas appliances in tip-top working order.
A full Gas check and service is recommended once a year to ensure that appliances are compliant with current regulations and includes the following:

1: Central Heating Boiler and Water Heater service

  • Front panel removed to get access to the burner
  • Burner cleaned, where possible removed and blown out with compressed air
  • Check all tubes and fan for leaks etc
  • System hovered out to remove dust and debris
  • Boiler run to check that the burner and expansion vessel are OK

2: Gas Fire service:

  • Flue access panel is removed and flue pipe is checked
  • Fire front removed
  • Burner cleaned and blown out with compressed air
  • All joints and pipes checked for corrosion and leaks
  • Fire run and the flame pattern checked
  • Smoke test to test for leaks

3: Cooker service:

  • Removal of all hob burners and cleaning with a wire brush
  • Hovering out of hob and burners to remove dust and debris
  • Grill jets and burner cleaned and blown out with compressed air
  • Overn burner front plate removed and burner cleaned and blown out with compressed air
  • Flame pattern checked ensuring that the oven turns up and down correctly

5: Ventilation check

  • Checks to ensure that all ventilation is clear

6: Smoke and Carbon alarms check:

  • Checked for correct operation and verified that they are in date

7: Antifreeze check:

  • Check antifreeze content in central heating system is appropriate

8: Gas Supply check:

  • Check that the gas supply meets with the Gas Safe regulations and is operating correctly
  • Conduct Gas Soundness test to make sure that it is safe to use