As of March 19th 2021, the current dates for accepting owners back to their vans/cabins and possible outcomes to business/individuals who do not adhere to this are as follows:

Key Dates 

  • If you have a Registered Address in Wales
    You can travel and stay with us from 27th March
  • If you have a Registered Address in England
    You can travel and stay with us from 12th April
  • If you have a Registered Address in Scotland
    Awaiting for confirmation

Compulsory Track & Trace

Wherever you are Registered, and for EVERY visit for the foreseeable future, YOU MUST complete our Track and Trace form on the website, prior to arrival.

Proof of Residential Address

You must provide proof of your Residential Address every year  (start of season)- so if you have not already done so, please let us have your proof from the list previously provided before you come back to the park.
We have today had an email from the Licencing officer, who visited us this week and within it he confirms:

The use of such accommodation will be subject to travel rules in place and also rules about mixing indoors. This means: 

  • Whilst different households are not permitted to mix indoors the use of holiday accommodation will be limited to one household only.
  • Whilst the stay local message now in place in Wales is likely to be relaxed so that people in Wales can travel to their holiday accommodation from 27th March it is not the case for those living in England and they will be subject to travel rules in place in England that currently do not permit them to undertake non-essential journeys. Caravan owners who live in England will not be permitted to visit their caravans in Wales until 12th April
So, please ensure YOU are adhering to the rules and regulations for Wales and whatever part of the country you are coming from. Also completing Track and Trace EVERY visit, and providing proof of Registered Address.
Ultimately it may mean you are in Breach of your Park Contract and could be asked to leave the Park, or, it could actually close the whole Park down affecting everyone, there have already been Park closures elsewhere.