We are aware that Local Authorities and Licencing Officers across the UK (not just Wales), are being much more pro-active regarding the licencing conditions of  Holiday Park Site Licenses.
This just confirms what we have required from our owners all along and noted in our contracts, that we always need proof of your Registered Address etc.
After talking with the Senior Licencing Officer over the last 3/4 months, when the copy of our new licence came, Powys CC Senior Licensing Officer noted on the Front, the following statement:img003.jpg
But we can also further confirm that Local Authorities are starting to clamp down in all aspects of Licensing requirements for Holiday Parks is the case, as we had an unexpected initial visit from Powys Licencing Team earlier this week.
Discussions were around Covid management and how this may/may not affect the operation of the business,  we also had to demonstrate how we can keep track on owners coming/going relating to Covid ‘Track and Trace’ requirements for our business.
However, as well as this it was also discussed how we ensure our owners are not Residential and how we seek to ask for proof of this.